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Sheila King

Director of Science and Technology
Senior Project Engineer, Embedded Software
Rockwell Automation, Mayfield Heights
As Director of STEM and Technology for the NEOHSTEM Alliance, Sheila organizes and operates the STEM Project Fair, develops and teaches coding classes locally, and works to build parent STEM groups in schools to increase STEM extracurricular activites and opportunities for students to experience STEM.

She received BSEE from University of Texas in 1988, and has been in product embedded software development for almost 30 years. She developed code for many interesting products including the universal remote control at Tandy, paging infrastructure at Motorola, and the Mini-Solo radar detector at Cincinnati Microwave. For the last 17 years, she developed embedded software for industrial controls and condition monitoring at Rockwell Automation.

Sheila also has a passion for bring STEM experiences and opportunities to students. She developed many science engaging extracurricular programs in Lakota School District (Shawnee Elementary), in Cincinnati for the 10 years. When Rockwell moved her and her family to the Cleveland area, she picked it back up again, but at the middle and high school level since her two daughters were older. She founded the Hudson STEM Alliance by starting a STEM parent group called the Rocket Boosters. It grew into the Hudon STEM Allaince, and then NEOHSTEM Alliance to extend the capabilities and programs to the greater northeast Ohio area.

She is involed in many STEM activites in the Northeast Ohio area outside of the NEOHSTEM Alliance. She is an Advisor on the ACESS Exective Board (Akron Council of Engineering and Science Societies), the Co-Director of the Western Reserve District Science Day, and coached/ mentored many FLL and FTC robot teams, and judged and directed robot tournaments.

Recently, as her 2 daughters have gone to college, she has been working more specifically on engaging young students in coding programs. She is working with local schools to get more programming curriculum in the schools starting in the 4th grade. And developing curriculum that can be used in the classroom or for extracurricular activies. Her goal is to provide programming experiences for students to get interested in and continue to grow skills in programming.